Circle of Circles
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Circle of Circles

Circle of Circles
1 bedrock mortar and 8 rock circles
Elevation 618 ft.

Thanks to our master site-finder for directing us here.

We believe this is a likely ceremonial site. Archaeological evidence suggests it is 6,000 years old.

The Circle of Circles occupies the top of this small hill.

Photograph by Bob Bardell.

One of the circles.

Another circle.

The bedrock mortar.

Photograph by Bob Bardell.

The Circle of Circles from above.

Inage courtesy of Google Earth taken on November 27, 2004. For other past views of this site use the Historical Imagery tool.

Check out this video of the Circle of Circles by Alexander Kerekes. The aerial shots are great, and the whole production is very informative.

Attention Mac users. If this video does not play properly in Google Earth, copy and then paste this URL into your browser:

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