Mortar Count: 20

Territory: Olompali

The Olompali were a Coast Miwok triblet inhabiting the interior valleys of Marin County west of the Petaluma River. There is some question about the boundaries of Olompali territory. The core area may have been along San Antonio Creek rather than in Olompali State Park.

See A Time of Little Choice by Randall Milliken for more details.



Olompali20 bedrock mortars and a 15 cupule rockElevation 477 ft.Indians have lived in and around Olompali State Park for over 8,000 years. Coast Miwok people settled at Olompali about 3,500 years ago. Olompali became a major trading center about 1300 A.D. Archaeologists digging here unearthed a silver sixpence coin depicting Queen Elizazbeth, minted in 1567, […]