Upper Ukraina
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Upper Ukraina

Upper Ukraina
29 bedrock mortars at and around a creek confluence.

Ukraina was the final and only safe home for Agapius Honcharenko, Ukrainian patriot and Greek Orthodox priest who was harassed by Tsarist police and special agents across Europe and America on account of his pro-Ukrainian and anti-Russian writings. That he found a safe haven on Walpert Ridge in 1873 tells you something about the relative inaccessibility of the ridge at that time. Agapius and his wife Albina are buried on their former farm, which is a Califonia State landmark.

Should you visit Ukraina and stumble across Honcharenko’s prayer cave, which doubled as a chapel where he held services, please be careful. It is a precious historical resource.

Honcharenko favored green for rock painting.

Bob walks along the margin of the Stonebrae golf course near Ukraina. Graders and earthmovers worked here for years to transform the landscape. Dynamite blew hillsides apart. Ravines disappeared under tons of fill. The topsoil with all its plant communities was ripped from the earth before being recycled as new-made ground.

Jim studies a grinding rock in a cool, gladelike setting.

This bears saying again. Don’t fool yourself. No matter how many times you’ve visited a site, there remains something you haven’t seen. This mortar is a case in point. We’d stood in front of the Ukraina monument a bunch of times without seeing this beautiful mortar.

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