Tolenas Springs Village
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Tolenas Springs Village

Tolenas Springs Village
41 bedrock mortars, 10+ cupules, probable mortars
Elevation 268 ft.

An artesian spring once geysered water ten feet into the air near the source of Soda Springs Creek, but quarrying for travertine and onyx (begun in the 1850s) eventually destroyed that flow. Patwins referred to this area as the land of healing waters. A resort boasting four mineral springs with purported curative powers was constructed above the quarry beginning in 1858. Tolenas Springs soda water was bottled at the resort for over 40 years.

Follow this link for additional information about Tolenas Springs Quarry and Mineral Springs.
Looking toward the site.

A closer view.

Another mortar rock.

Photograph by Bob Bardell.

This site is on private property. Secure permission before visiting it.

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