Stonebrae, 16th hole
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Stonebrae, 16th hole

Stonebrae, 16th hole
5 bedrock mortars on the 16th hole at Stonebrae golf course.

Fore! At least they saved this site, a fate not shared by three others that had the misfortune to lie in the path of the Stonebrae development. That’s three we know about. There may have been more.

Two of the mortars here are bowls with small mortars, like starter mortars, inside them. The other mortars are
cone-shaped. There are wind-protected areas in between the rocks suitable for campsites.

A bowl mortar. The slightly recessed “Olla” rim suggests this was a cooking bowl. Hot rocks would have been swirled through acorn mush or some other liquid or viscous foodstuff. The inner mortar may represent a secondary use. On the other hand, it could have been integral to the process of food preparation.

One should secure permission before visiting this site, or else play a round of golf.

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