Stone Corral
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Stone Corral

Stone Corral
33 bedrock mortars, prayer circle, 2 sets of double cupules, rock wall alignments, and hunting blinds.
Elevation 1800 ft.

What kind of animals would be constrained by this corral? We believe the stone corral was the site of Indian games and/or ceremonies. HIke up the ridge to the west and find the spot where you have a clear view of the corral–prehistoric luxury boxes!

Jim stands in the center of the corral.

Another view of the stone corral.

Bob and Jim examine bedrock mortars south of the corral. A nearby spring would have supplied year-round water in all but the driest years.

Some of the rocks here appear to have been stacked or otherwise arranged. We think this arrangement may have functioned as a hunting blind.

The Stone Corral sits near one end of an interesting geomorphic formation that runs for about a quarter of a mile along the western edge of Bob Walker Ridge. Two small, short-statured, parallel ridges enclose a straight, grassy open space. Louise Lacey calls this area the “Runway.” The Runway may have been a prehistoric game trail. Both ridges sport curious rock wall alignments that seem to define pathways. Other rock structures appear to be hunting blinds. It’s not too farfetched to envision hunting parties lurking among these rocks waiting for a chance to bag some game.

That’s a bobcat, not an oversized housecat! Lynx Rufus seems unfazed by our presence near the tip of Bob Walker Ridge north of the Stone Corral.

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