Patterson Mound, CA-ALA-328
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Patterson Mound, CA-ALA-328

Patterson Mound, CA-ALA-328
Tuibun village site, Coyote Hills
Elevation 18 ft.

According to Polly Bickel, there are four known shellmounds in this general vicinity of Coyote Hills. For a fascinating, in-depth study of three of them, check out San Francisco Bay Archaeology: Sites ALA-328, ALA-13, and ALA-12. Be sure to look at the Plates that accompany Bickel’s paper. Note: these files take a while to load. Don’t despair. The map accompanying N. C. Nelson’s Shellmounds of the San Francisco Bay Region showed two shellmounds in the Coyote Hills and three more nearby along the lower reaches of Alameda Creek.

The skeletal remains of a reconstructed sweat lodge may be examined during public programs and special tours. Call the Visitor Center at 510 544-3220 for details.

Bob looks at the mound through the access gate. Despite the sign, the official trinomial for this site is CA-ALA-328. CA-ALA-329, aka the Ryan Mound, lies nearby, to the east southeast of the Patterson Mound.

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