Mallory Creek Village
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Mallory Creek Village

Mallory Creek Village.
45 bedrock mortars in a small village on a shelf above Mallory Creek.
18 cupules at one bedrock mortar station.
Elevation 655 ft.

This is a beautiful site in a secluded glade.
Look for the old Indian trail leading to sites further up Mallory Creek.

Bob stands in a possible housepit.
How much dirt has washed down on this site since it was abandoned?

It’s a shame this heavy tree limb interferes with one’s full appreciation of such a beautiful mortar rock. Note how the two mortars on the left side of this rock are connected in a shallow basin.

Photograph by Bob Bardell.

There are 18 cupules on this rock. Count the raisins! This rock is now (in 2013) covered by fallen tree limbs.

There are 7 bedrock mortars right in Mallory Creek below the main part of the village. What a place to cool off on a hot day!

We believe the trinomial for this site is CA-CCO-463.
This site was erroneously described as being on Kellogg Creek in Native American Indian Sites in the East Bay Hills.

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