Jamie’s Knob
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Jamie’s Knob

Jamie’s Knob
13 bedrock mortars.
Elevation 445 ft.

Thanks to Jaime for turning us on to this great site. It’s just a short 20 minute walk from the end of Snyder Lane. When you go through the gate onto park land take the left-hand, single-track trail. This path conveys you to a private drive bordered by a public easement. Follow the easment downhill to the next drainage and take Sulphur Creek Trail up the drainage. Jaime’s Knob will be above you to your left. Look for branches off Sulphur Creek Trail that connect to Coastanoan Trail, which will carry you up to Jaime’s Knob.

Jaime’s Knob is an ideal spot for a family picnic.

Jaime’s Knob.

A closer look at the main mortar rock.

Note the arrangement of the basins. They all have mortars in them, and each satellite basin is connected to the main basin. The recently excavated mortar partially depicted at the bottom of this photo is a beautiful example of a bullet-shaped mortar with a “machined” interior. Its discovery proved conclusively (to us) that human agency rather than natural processes created the mortars here–not that there was much doubt to begin with.

Photographs by Joel Greger.

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