Jalquin Vista Park
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Jalquin Vista Park

Jalquin Vista Park
16 bedrock Mortars, many with recessed “Olla” rims
3 housepits
Elevation 1194 ft.

What’s in a name? The City of Hayward may think this site was in Jalquin territory, but we believe the Yrgin controlled all of the Walpert Ridge “high country.”

This is a great site with extensive views. You can drive right up to it.

Note the weathering on this Olla bowl. Try to ignore the graffiti.

We think it likely a Yrgin house occupied this wind-sheltered space. The rocks on the “floor” no doubt rolled down after the Yrgin abandoned this site.

Another wind-sheltered housepit.

Large, flat-bottomed bowls like the one below are a rarity in the East Bay Hills.

Whoever built the fire in this bowl or tossed cigarette butts into it has not absorbed the philosophy outlined in Native American Indian Sites in the East Bay Hills. Sites like this are to be respected and protected, not desecrated.

Another old, weathered Olla bowl. There’s a shallow inner cone at the bottom. Note the small “spillway” on one side of the rim. This is a not-uncommon feature of bedrock mortars. Does the purplish hue on the mortar’s walls indicate that a special foodstuff was processed here?

The previous four photographs are by Bob Bardell

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