Green’s Village in Fig Pig Gulch
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Green’s Village in Fig Pig Gulch

Green’s Village in Fig Pig Gulch
75+ bedrock mortars; housepits.
Elevation 716 ft.

Jeff discovered this beautiful village on a Thanksgiving morning (!) reconnaisance hike. A great find, Jeff. The village extends over a wide area, and, like the Volvon Village, could be viewed as a collection of separate sites. We prefer the holistic view. About half the bedrock mortars here lie in the bed of Fig Pig Gulch creek or along its banks. Most of the others are spread across various shelves, which are part of a gigantic landslide complex. Look west up the ridge and you will see the stony slope where the slide began. This type of geological formation stores water and creates springs.

Green’s Village lies less than a mile from the Los Vaqueros Marina parking lot, and may be reached via a fairly easy hike with about a 300 ft. elevation gain. It’s a fine site for a family picnic.

This beautiful 14 mortar slab features several conjoined or closely paired conical mortars. There is a fine elliptical mortar on the rock as well. The types of mortars and their arrangement resemble those on the 25 mortars rock at Bob’s Mortar.

A closer look. Note the two mortars under the fallen tree branch.

You will find this likely housepit near the 14 mortar rock pictured above.

Mortar rocks in the creek bed.

Note the mortars that share a rim. The shared rim is the “lo” portion of one mortar’s rim and the “hi” portion of the other’s.

There are mortars along the edge of this terrace above the creek bed.

Follow this trail up the hill and discover more mortar rocks.

You’ll find this terrace above the creek about 200 yards below the water tank that identifies upper section of Green’s Village. Many of the mortar rocks at this locus are visible in the grass.

A number of mortars on this terrace sport flaring, bell-shaped mouths that make them funnel-shaped.

A portable mortar with an open bottom. We should not assume that this mortar was broken and discarded.

There are mortar rocks below the terrace along the creek.

Note the beautiful teardrop basin.

Photographs by Bob Bardell except for the first.

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