Fig Pig Gulch Meadow
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Fig Pig Gulch Meadow

Fig Pig Gulch Meadow
19 bedrock mortars, including one broken and one probable.
Stacked rock alignments.
Elevation 1215 ft.

This is a beautiful place for a picnic.

Some of the rock alignments here form a nearly complete rectangle, which may contain the ruins of an inner rectangle.

Figure I.3 in Archaeological and Geoarchaeological Investigations at Eight Prehistoric Sites in the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Area, Contra Costa County, California shows CA-CCO-566/H–a combination prehistoric/historic site–several hundred feet above Fig Pig Gulch meadow. Could the map be in error? Could the rock alignments here be the Peres stone corral and the mortars the so-called “community mortar site?” More research is necessary.

The stacked rocks in the foreground connect with those near the grey-barked buckeye tree.

A closer look at the rock alignment near the buckeye tree, which has begun to leaf out in this photograph. Note the split rock and the stacked rocks behind it.

A closer look at the stacked rocks pictured above. Note the possible ruins of an inner rectangle.

Looking back toward the spring that watered the creek here in the dry winter of 2011-2012. Several beautiful mortars lie along the bank of this creek.

One of those mortars. It may have been portable.

A fine example of a bell-shaped mortar.

A mortar and a plug.

This pair of mortars sit on the main path heading from Mallory Ridge down into this site. There’s one mortar on each of large flat rocks.

Photographs by Bob Bardell

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