Duncan’s Point Cave
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Duncan’s Point Cave

Duncan’s Point Cave
Rockshelters and extensive midden deposits.
Elevation 98 ft.

Joel led us out here on a North Coast expedition. This is one of the oldest archaeological sites on the California coast. Charcoal and marine shell radiocarbon dates indicate this site was more-or-less continuously occupied for the last 9,000 years.

Duncan’s point was a territorial boundary marker between Coast Miwok and Kashaya Pomo. In Coast Miwok mythology Duncan’s Point Cave is known as lupu-lama (Rock Hole) and was the home Coyote made and lived in after he was spurned by Crab Woman. Kashaya Pomo called it kabe’male (Rock Place).

Looking up toward the caves.

The top several feet of midden in the caves has been highly disturbed.

A closer look at the midden soil that surrounds the rock outcrop.

A view up the coast toward the mouth of the Russian River.

Photographs by Bob Bardell.

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