Canada del Cierbo
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Canada del Cierbo

Canada del Cierbo
28 bedrock mortars, cupules/anvils, and midden
Less than 1/2 mile from Interstate 80 off Cummings Skyway
Elevation 208 ft.

Thanks to Joel for leading us here.

Archaeological analysis of this site recovered charcoal and bone more than 4,000 years old. Midden at this site may be from N. C. Nelsons Crockett Mound (No. 254).

The expedition heads toward the site, which sits on that low hill in the center of the photograph. A landslide slump thousands of years ago formed the hill. San Pablo Bay is just a little over a mile away. It was even closer in Carquin times. Back then the lower reaches of Canada del Cierbo Creek were tidal marshlands.

Expedition members gather around an ancient mortar rock.

Most of the mortars here are old and deep.

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