Albany Hill
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Albany Hill

Albany Hill
4 bedrock mortars and rich midden on the northeast side of Albany Hill near Cerrito Creek.
Elevation 24 ft.

There was an Ohlone settlement here. In addition to the shell middens at this site (Nelson’s 1909 map shows four), there were two on Point Isabel, which was once just offshore of Albany Hill.

One of Nelson’s four recorded mounds–probably the largest. Construction of a sewer line in the 1990s encountered shell midden on the south side of Cerrito Creek. Core samples of this midden yielded culutral material radiocarbon-dated back about 5,000 years.

Photo courtesy of Oakland

Jim examines midden soil.

A closer look. Note the shell fragments.

One of the two mortar rocks here. Note the vandalism.

Photograph by Bob Bardell.

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